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Let’s face it it, with 100 Oakland taxis on the street sometimes things get left in the car. It’s bound to happen, and when it does we have a system in place to help our riders retrieve their items. Introducing the Friendly cab lost and found line.

(510) 536-3002

Leave a short message describing the lost item, within 2 days a Friendly Cab agent will contact you about your lost item. You can also lodge any complaints you have about your Friendly Cab experience. All of our cars have a ‘cab number’. The cab number is on the passenger side hood, the passenger front door and sometimes on the driver’s door. When investigating lost items or complaints we can track the cab by it’s number, so when entering a cab be sure to take note of it.

Notice: All property not claimed within 2 years becomes the property of Friendlycab.

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