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Green CommunityWe are leading the way in innovation in Oakland, Berkeley, Alameda and other East Bay cities with our environmental-friendly practices. An increasingly large percentage of our vehicles administer an environmentally sensitive alternative to commonly used fuels, called Compressed Natural Gas (CNG). Since CNG is lighter than air, it disperses quickly when leaked or spilled. This is just one of the ways we are doing our part in helping Oakland and other cities meet ambitious targets for a cleaner and greener community.

Friendly Cab is currently renovating our headquarters to create make a more positive impact in our East Oakland neighborhood. Recycled water is already being used for our car-washing facility, and upgraded buildings will improve energy efficiency, reduce waste, and promote the use of public transportation and bicycles by our employees. Our facility will have a pleasant, attractive, and high-quality street presence, improving our neighborhood and its businesses as well as the global environment. Construction is underway.

One of Friendly Cab’s most important initiatives in 2009 is the launch of a hybrid taxi fleet. These greener vehicles will not only lower our emissions but create visibility and buzz around hybrid car ownership in the East Bay. As a leader in taxi technology and transportation efficiency, we hope that taxi companies worldwide will follow our initiatives to help make the environment cleaner and safer for generations to come.

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