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Taxi-top advertising program

Taxi-top advertising is a high-impact marketing medium that reaches both pedestrians and other drivers – often at eye-level, in great repetition, and for extended periods of time. The low cost and high visibility of taxi-top advertising make it one of the lowest-cost CPM advertising channels available.

Until now, Friendly Cab has contracted all of its’ advertising to Clear Channel. We are now pleased to offer direct advertising opportunities without the involvement from a 3rd party broker, at a fraction of the cost. Our ad panels are 14 inches tall and 48 inches long, and illuminate from inside to allow full color visibility 24 hours a day. We also offer trunk-space advertising on larger vehicles.

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Market Research

According to the Outdoor Advertising Association of America:

“Taxi advertising offers superior levels of recall (45%), reaching a local business and tourist audience en route to and from the airport, sporting events, shopping centers and restaurants.”

The OAAA also reports that:

– Illuminated advertising increases audience impact by 16%

– The average consumer spends 15 hours a week in a car; men aged 18-30 spend 20 hours a week in a car

– Advertising messages are most effective when received close to purchase

– Outdoor advertising is much more effective than radio and TV

Many top national companies have embraced taxi-top advertising in markets like the Bay Area, including McDonalds, Wells Fargo, ABC, All State, and Starbucks.

Our service footprint spans over 80 square miles.

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About Friendly Cab

Friendly Cab Company has been operating in the Oakland/East Bay area for over 30 years. Our fleet of 180 cars and vans includes many hybrids and natural gas fuel systems. We travel over half a million miles a month, all over Northern California, and service over a thousand customers daily- 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are a strong contributor to the Bay Area community and endeavor to help reduce environmental degradation, drunk driving and reliance on car ownership.

Friendly Cab is committed to providing reliable service to our customers, and now we have extended that same level of professionalism and commitment to advertisers. Until recently, all of our taxi top advertising rights were leased by Clear Channel. Now we’re excited to open the doors for direct advertisements at a fraction of the cost!

Packages and Rates

Friendly Cab offers competitive rates and quarterly specials so check back often.

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