Going Green!!
Friendly Cab is leading the way in making transportation better for the environment! Many of our vehicles use Compressed Natural Gas, which burns cleaner and doesn't contribute to groundwater or urban pollution. Our headquarters is currently undergoing extensive renovation to dramatically reduce our footprint with a recycled-water car wash, more energy-efficient buildings, and other measures to help the environment and the neighborhood. We are excited to begin introducing Hybrid-Electric taxis, letting you meet your transportation needs with a greener taxi ride.

We are trusted by hospitals to deliver blood to patients in life-threatening circumstances. We are relied upon by friends and family members to help them ascertain reliable transportation during the Holidays to visit loved ones. We assist various governmental agencies by providing transportation to mentally and physically challenged individuals. We annually contribute to various community-serving organizations including churches, hospitals, schools and senior homes. With the launch of our dedicated public relations department beginning in 2009, we are excited to expand our support even more to the community for the years to come.